Vektor is the fastest way to find your perfect study abroad funding!

The global goal of the service is to show that education abroad is available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality and financial situation. Now Vektor is intended for students from the CIS countries, but by 2022 Vektor will be released to the international level

What makes the Vektor platform unique:

- Convenient navigation. When choosing a scholarship, you can customize the search filter for yourself: age, gender, nationality.

- LGBT+ filter so everyone has an equal opportunity

- Actual information. The project team will manually check the deadlines, application documents and requirements for each scholarship. You don't have to check the information several times :)

You can say a lot about why studying abroad is cool. But, it is better to read once the words of the founder of the project Olga Pistina:

I remember flying to Singapore and the question was spinning in my head: "Am I really flying to study abroad? ". The decision to get a foreign education turned my life upside down: at the age of 26, I managed to live in Beijing, Singapore and New York, met people from all over the world, got a dream job and was able to open my own business.
Olga @londginia
Studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University
Received scholarships to China: "Beijing Language and Culture University " and Singapore: "National University of Singapore " (Top 11 University, QS Ranking) Internship at ITAR TASS and UNESCO (New York)
Consulting work under the Government of Indonesia
Work in ATEC and UN
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consultations were conducted by Olga @londginia
10 000 000
rubles in scholarships were won by students of Olga @londginia
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