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We are the only ones who conduct 3-hour consultations with students, without limiting the questions and needs of students. Our consultations are so effective that after them students received invitations to study!
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Tips for working on a consultation
Any request: within 3 hours we will analyze ALL your requests without restrictions
Pre-audit: each student fills out a questionnaire before the consultation to identify his main requests
Feedback: each student receives a synopsis after consultation and 3 days for feedback
Personal consultation
Work on an individual request:
Drafting application documents to foreign universities around the world
Selection of universities for study abroad
Elaboration personal history for admission
Creating a deadline schedule
Strategy creation for admission to bachelor's, master's and/or doctoral
Selection of funding for study at a foreign university
Development of a step-by-step plan for admission to foreign universities for a child (consultation for parents)
Assistance in applying for a scholarship or grant
Internship Consulting Abroad
Volunteering Consulting abroad
Methods of Immigration through studies
The preparation period for the consultation is 7-10 days.
Feedback for 3 days after the consultation.
Abstract with a detailed squeeze after the consultation.
The consultation takes place in the online format.
The questionnaire is filled in before the consultation.
Consultation with Country and Fellowship Mentor
Opportunity to ask questions only in the area of expertise of the mentor
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